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How We Select

Better Choices. Better Earth. Better You.

What if you could find the tomorrow’s IT brands today? What if you knew where a portion of your money was going after you purchased a product? The two are not mutually exclusive. You can do both, in one single step; choose an incredible product while supporting the sustainable cause that is important to you.

In this fast paced world, time is a precious commodity, and who has the time to cross check all the information before making each and every purchase? The answer- we do so you don’t have to.

In order to understand better our process and mission, it’s best to be sure we are all working off the same definition of “sustainability”: Conserving an ecological balance by avoiding depletion of natural resources. Understanding there are many ways to be “sustainable” or “make a difference” in our world, we, at John Paul Selects, carefully review each brand and product based on rigorous criteria to take all the work out of it.

The selection process begins with receipt of the company’s comprehensive application to ensure the content and minimum requirement of 3 of the 6 company transparency perquisites as symbolized by our colorful ECO icons. However, we believe and encourage the process of transformation, as it is the key to creating strong businesses and conveying the power of our customers as well as us to change the world. A brand maybe particularly strong in natural materials, but could do more in conserving energy, we want to help you change that. If you are looking for a charity to match with your business ethics, we want to help you find it.

In turn, Brands with less can be accepted, but in order to remain, they have to improve until they get to at least 3 icons within 6 months. Not every company can meet all of the criteria or be all of the eco-buzzwords at once, but as long as everyone is trying to improve their supply chain, their materials or their community, we consider that progress. To us, it’s about encouraging change not discouraging it. Each company has to do what's best for them and we want to support them along the way.

Next, we personally review and verify, to the best of our ability, the information provided from ingredients to manufacturing practices. (Click the link in the footer below for the John Paul Selects "Black List" – a bullet point list of both unacceptable ingredients as well as encouraged practices). For example, it is important to understand that natural and organic have entirely two different meanings. Not all things that are natural are organic. For example, some sedimentary rocks are organic such as coal or chalk, but the majority of rocks are inorganic. The products that John Paul has chosen are all natural but not necessarily organic. In addition, an otherwise natural ingredient such as a strawberry can be made harmful with pesticides. We further define our brands by encompassing the practices by which they are harvested or made without the use of pesticides, synthetic fertilizers or other harmful chemicals. When we feel further information is required to verify the information provided, we request it.

This is followed by the testing period, in which, try the product or a sampling of the products for an average of 4 weeks gauging quality, durability, texture, odor, packaging and results.

Finally, after meeting the above standards, the product is sent to John Paul DeJoria for his final review and approval.

We at John Paul Selects are proud to honor our world by doing more than demanding a prerequisite, but rather, by actively encouraging businesses to be a better global citizen. Our brands and products in our online store tells consumers and the world we are committed to taking this step. Change is necessary for life and it’s pretty cool, too.

Find our colorful Eco Icons to the left of each description which you will see on our products and brands, helping to promote transparent business practices.

  • Eco-friendly / Organic

    Eco-friendly / Organic: These products are made with natural or organic materials or ingredients - note that if a product is certified organic, this will be described in the product description.

  • Sustainable / Recycled

    Sustainable / Recycled: These products are made with recycled materials or recycled packaging - note that the details of how a product includes recycled materials will be described in the product description.

  • Carbon Offset / Energy Efficient

    Carbon Offset / Energy Efficient: These products are made in an energy efficient way, for example by using solar or wind power, or using a fabrication method that conserves energy and resources; or through Carbon Offset which is a certificate representing the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions.

  • Animal / Pet Friendly

    Animal / Pet Friendly: These products are either cruelty free, or not tested on animals, or Vegan, which means they contain no animal ingredients at all in addition to not being tested on animals.

  • Community / Social Causes

    Community / Social Causes: These companies making these products give back to the community or social causes, for example by supporting education in their community, or helping workers by improving working conditions or by employing a group of workers who previously had no skills or employment opportunity.

  • Philanthropy / Donations

    Philanthropy / Donations: These companies donate money or resources to nonprofits.

We believe that by supporting change and shopping for products made by companies that have greener and healthier production, practices and ingredients, we can make a difference to promote a healthier world.